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Capto is extremely easy to set up, using a lightweight sensor that attaches to the shaft of the putter. View stroke data on the small device screen or simply connect via WiFi to your app and you're ready to go. Within the app you can see simple stroke metrics or view the stroke mechanics in intricate detail.

Welcome to the Capto Basic

Free Course

In this course you will get a basic introduction of the Capto Putting Sensor. 

This course will take about 1,5 hours to complete.                             

At the end of the course you will:       

  • Know how to attach the sensor to the putter shaft
  • Know how to connect the sensor to your device
  • Understand some of the basic Capto data
  • Learn how Capto can improve your teaching and coaching in putting
  • Have passed the final exam

Good luck and keep learning!

Lab Mode

The 16 data tiles presented for every stroke.

Explore Mode

View the stroke from all angles in 3D Explore mode.

Turn on the optimizer to compare to the theoretical ideal stroke.

Real Time Display

Analyze the real time data of the stroke, not just the impact numbers.

JB Capto Coach

My name is JB. I am a PGA Class AAA qualified Teaching Professional from The Netherlands.

I have been part of the Capto team and a Capto Partner since 2017.

The game of golf is fantastic and I am proud to be the e-learning director and the online Capto Coach for all Capto users worldwide.

I hope you will enjoy the courses and will keep building your knowledge and skill.

Enjoy Capto!

CAPTO offers putting analysis in real time, indoor and outdoor and in real game conditions. It's new cutting edge technology giving detailed, accurate and reliable putting parameters for a complete analysis of the stroke.

The Capto Putting sensor can be used by anyone with Android, iOS, Windows or MacOSX.

All strokes and information can be saved in the Capto Cloud Archive for follow-up analysis or sharing of information.